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In This Book, You Will Learn:


  • 102 Creative Ways to Save Energy in your Home or Apartment
  • Tips to Conserve Energy While Increasing Your Wealth!
  • Ways to Make Your Own Your Electricity 
  • Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Emissions
  • Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Curb Appeal
  • And so much more!


Sample From The Book...


44. Using an electric oven for cooking.  

When you are using your electric oven for cooking something up, you can always turn it off in advance. In other words, you can turn off the oven even when you are not done cooking yet. There is no need to worry about doing that since the oven can retain heat. This can also be done when you are just trying to heat your food.  


46. Do not over-dry your clothes.  

Whenever you use your washing machine’s dryer, you have to be careful not to over-dry your clothes. This is because over-drying them would waste a lot of energy. Aside from that, it can also ruin your clothes if you do it all the time.  


47. Grill every weekend.  

To enjoy your weekends, you can always grill barbeque and steaks with your family. This would reduce the amount of time that you make use of your electric stove and oven. Aside from that, it would also provide you a  chance to spend time with your spouse and kids.  


48. Have smaller cooking appliances.  

Unless you are constantly throwing a party or there are lots of members in your family, you should use smaller cooking appliances to save energy. This is because smaller ones simply consume less energy to do the same cooking task. Thus, it is time to use the smaller appliances and use the larger ones only when you need them. 


49. Relocate your refrigerator.  

Remember that the temperature around the place where your refrigerator is situated can affect the appliance’s energy consumption.  Thus, you must...



Writer: Greene Developers

Date Released:  2021

Page Count: 42

Word Count: 6377


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