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In This Book, You Will Learn:


  • How To Sell Your Home For More Than Its Worth
  • Why Homes Do Not Sell Fast
  • First Impressions For Your Home
  • Guidance On How To Sell Your Home Fast
  • Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Curb Appeal
  • And so much more!



Sample from the book...


It will still be more profitable than reducing the selling price of your house. According to a survey, 50 percent of the sellers are willing to spend about $2,000 on staging, while 50 percent are willing to go up to $5,000. Now, what if that increases your sale price by $10,000 and you sell it faster. Is that small amount of time and effort worth the thousands of dollars in profit?


Staging professionals have a clear idea about the kind of colors that sell, the type of furnishing in the house that makes it more appealing to those who have a look at it. They also have a clear idea of how the home space must be used for optimum utility, which seems to be a significant concern for all buyers.


It is a fact that well showcased houses sell 84 percent faster than those that are not. Staging professionals are not into house building or house designing. They merely advise the agents or the sellers themselves on the strategy to use while redoing their house.


Here are a few standard tools they use:

  • A tried and tested palette that professionals use can never go wrong. However, trends keep changing, but...



Writer: Greene Developers

Date Released:  2020

Page Count: 20

Word Count: 3136


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Selling Your Home For More Than It's Worth

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