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In This Book, You Will Learn:


  • What Does Going Green Mean
  • Making Your Current Home More Energy Efficient
  • Ways to Conserve Your Electricity 
  • Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Emissions
  • Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Curb Appeal
  • And so much more!


Sample From The Book...



Advantages - Health Is Wealth  


An eco-friendly home utilizes toxin-free building materials, ensuring that people inside the house are generally free from all harmful pollutants and elements that are usually present in a traditional home.  


Reduced Utility Bills 


The cost of maintaining an eco-friendly home is the same or even lesser than the maintenance cost of a traditional and standard home.  Yes, the initial cost is possibly higher, but the future savings that you’ll be able to generate later is sufficient enough for you to offset your initial investment. You will certainly save about 40 percent from your monthly electricity bill and 50 percent from water consumption. In addition to that, eco-friendly homes are much more durable as compared to standard homes. This translates and equates to lesser maintenance and repair. Moreover, a green home value is much higher compared to a standard home. This is the reason why the demands for eco-friendly homes are steadily increasing. You will have a “ Class A” property. 


Conserved Energy 


The heating and cooling of homes usually account for more or less 20  percent of the total used energy from a typical or standard household.  Add to this the standard energy requirements from all the household appliances, lighting, and other electronic equipment and you’ll see why standard homes are being considered “stone age” because they consume a lot of energy. On the contrary, eco-friendly homes consume less than 40 percent of energy.  

Nowadays, there are eco-friendly homes...



Writer: Greene Developers

Date Released:  2021

Page Count: 33

Word Count: 5637


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